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September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Thoughts from Annette Mattern,

Founder, OCAZ

OC AwarenessAlthough ovarian cancer survivors are aware of the disease every month, September is when we have a national stage from which to speak out about the need to conquer this insidious disease. It is a time to decide what we as a community can do to improve the trajectory of the life of survivors. It is a time to celebrate the women who, like most of us, got a shock wave in an otherwise normal life when we were told, “you have ovarian cancer.” And were forever changed by it.

As survivors, we bonded with other women who share the diagnosis, drawn together as “survivor sisters” who share the courage and the fear that comes of this journey. We said goodbye to too many, too long before one should, stunned by the loss that we hold too dear, too deep because in the dark of night we know, “it could have been me.” And yet, we keep on.

But we are here. Now. We stand united, a human wall of strength, as we comfort and encourage the new ones and rejoice at the veterans. We galvanize our spirits with the resolve to change the future for all women, any women. We shout to better humanity in our own way by turning our loss and pain into purpose.

I honor you and your life. I hope for your journey to be filled with joy. I am grateful to walk among you and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

What ever this month means to you, however you decide you will add to the collective fight for survival, I applaud you and wish you every success.

Help and Hope for Women with Ovarian Cancer



This touching and sobering mini documentary is aimed at educating the viewer on Ovarian Cancer, the BRCA gene mutation, and the benefits of knowing your family history.


The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona (OCAZ) is a charitable group of volunteers, survivors, and community leaders.

Our vision is to conquer ovarian cancer in Arizona. Our purpose is raising ovarian cancer awareness, survivorship, and care. More about OCAZ >


Please join our campaign to continue to inform women about this deadly disease by making a contribution to our cause. We are a a 501(c)(3) charitable organization passionate about saving women’s lives. Make a donation today!