OCAZ Partners

Colleen’s Dream Foundation (CDF) started in 2012 and supports research for early detection and improved treatment for ovarian cancer. CDF raises money for research that will lead to reliable early detection testing and improved treatment for ovarian cancer. CDF is working with some of the top research hospitals and universities that are researching ovarian cancer.  Offering seed funding ($5,000-$10,000 grants) to young investigators, CDF will fund cutting-edge research by some of the brightest, young minds in the world.

FORCE was founded on the principle that no one should have to face hereditary breast and ovarian cancer alone. We are the only national non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.   Phoenix FORCE outreach meets periodically to offer peer support and share resources.  Go to: www.facingourrisk.org or email Rachelh@facingourrisk.org to learn more.