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Lisa’s Fund

Lisa’s Fund is a support program designed to help those with Ovarian cancer keep up with the every day living expenses as well as provide relief for some of the costs incurred when undergoing treatment. Lisa’s fund is available to any woman who is a resident of Arizona with an ovarian or gynecologic cancer diagnosis.

About Lisa

Lisa Wilkinson’s ‘normal life’ was suddenly changed with her ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2008. As a full-time employee, wife, and mother of a young son, Lisa’s diagnosis and treatment devastated her family. On top of the horrific diagnosis and extensive treatment, Lisa and her family felt the tremendous financial strain of cancer. Lisa used to wake up at night and worry about how she was going to pay for her treatment and bills, and keep her home. One year after her diagnosis, she was in remission and vowed to help other women with ovarian cancer. Her passion was to help them emotionally and financially. Lisa’s realized that much of her emotional cancer burden was related to her worry about finances.

Lisa’s dream to help other women with ovarian cancer was cut short when her cancer returned and she succumbed to this dreadful disease in 2011. In order to carry on Lisa’s final wish, to help other women with ovarian cancer, Lisa’s family developed the Lisa’s Fund scholarship program to offer help and hope for women with ovarian cancer. Lisa’s beloved sister, LeAnne a board member of OCAZ manages Lisa’s Fund.

How Lisa’s Fund Helps

A cancer diagnosis can devastating, physically, emotionally, as well as financially and it can become difficult to keep up with the everyday living expenses. Once your application is accepted, OCAZ will send out a Visa gift card* that can be used to pay for various expenses. The gift card can be used to help pay for:

  • Groceries

  • Gas / Travel

  • Utilities

  • Medical Bills

In Memory of Lisa Wilkinson

How to Apply for Assistance

To apply for assistance, please contact OCAZ at to have an application emailed or mailed to you.

* Gift card amounts will vary and are dependent upon fundraising efforts at the time.

Eligibility and Details

Lisa’s fund is available to any woman who is a resident of Arizona with an ovarian or gynecologic cancer diagnosis. Women who are not Arizona residents but are receiving their ovarian or gynecologic treatment in Arizona at an Arizona treatment facility will also be eligible to apply for Lisa’s Fund. Preference will be given to women with ovarian cancer although women with any type of gynecologic cancer can apply. To apply for assistance a woman should be in treatment for active cancer. Certification from the treating oncologist’s office is needed stating that you are in current treatment for ovarian or gynecologic cancer.

Contribute to Lisa’s Fund And Make A Difference Today!

Lisa’s Fund is an OCAZ program that specifically goes towards the support and well being of women in Arizona who are being treated for Ovarian Cancer. The Financial burden to anyone going through cancer is enormous, and Lisa’s Fund helps relieve some of these expenses by providing money for gas, travel expenses, utilities, groceries, and more.

When you contribute to Lisa’s Fund, you are IMMEDIATELY HELPING women in Arizona.”

Please click the donate button below to make a secure online donation through PayPal via debit or credit card.  Or if you prefer to send a donation by mail, please send your contribution check made payable to Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona (OCAZ) to the address below. Your donations are graciously appreciated and 100% of the donation goes to support Women with cancer in Arizona.

The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.