Welcome to The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona.

We are a charity founded by survivors, care givers and oncology-trained health professionals who understand how vital it is that women with ovarian cancer not face the disease alone.

We believe that we can help reduce the tragic loss of Arizona’s women to ovarian cancer. Our agenda is to raise awareness of the symptoms and risk factors of the disease for earlier detection, to connect patients with appropriate resources and best practices that may impact their quality of life, to advocate for research funding appropriations, to support ovarian cancer research in Arizona, and to assure Arizona women have a strong voice in the national advocacy movement.

One important step toward early diagnosis is our Survivors Teaching Students; Saving Women’s Lives © program, in which our survivors become case studies for medical students, stressing their role in ferreting out the high risk and/or symptomatic women. The University of Arizona School of Medicine students are trained through this unique and highly impactful program.

Thank you for your support. We are committed to bridging the needs of our community to a future in which women are able to live a long and healthy life. . . in spite of ovarian cancer.

Annette Leal Mattern, President     

Annette Leal Mattern
Annette Leal MatternPresident